Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chicken Tikka Pathia VIDEO (the best curry around IMHO)

This is another curry video by Mick.

To be honest, it is one of the best I have ever tasted.

One chefs spoon of veg oil,

2 chefs spoons of precooked onion/pepper mix

1 chefs spoon of watered down tomato paste,

1 tbsn of mix powder,

½ teaspoon of salt,

1 teaspoon of chilli powder,

1 teaspoon of methi (fenugreek leaves),

1 tbsn of sugar,

1 tbsn of mango chutney,

1 tbsn of lemon juice,

8 pieces of precooked chicken tikka,

250 ml of base gravy,

Fresh coriander,

Fresh tomato 2 or 3 quarters,


  1. I do like a pathia!

    How big is a "chefs spoon"?? Is it larger than a table spoon or smaller??

    Great work John!


  2. Hi Mike
    Glad you like this one, it is my favs at the moment and will take some beating.

    A chef's spoon works out at about 4 tablespoons. It might sound a lot but stay with the measurements as it will make the overall taste.


  3. 4 tablespoons - that's a ladle! ;>)

  4. It's big alright. In the tikka masala recipe there is almost a chef's spoon of sugar...ahhh..a trip to the dentist.. :-)